Monday, December 24, 2012


Happy Christmas Eve!

Today I will be celebrating Christmas Eve working at my church's childcare ministry all day helping out with the crazy number of kiddos that they get around these services, so the filled-cookie baking and the Charlie Brown Christmas-watching will have to wait until Christmas day, I suppose. I'm also primed with leftover cinnamon raisin bagels from yesterday to make some sweet pumpkin bread pudding, so get excited for those results soon!

In the meantime, a simple and fun DIY for your Christmas Eve. Glitter-dipped mason jars!

Assemble your supplies. You'll need:

-LOTS of newspaper (unless you want a glitter explosion on your table)
-Extra fine glitter
-Mod podge
-Foam brush
-Mason Jars of your choice

Take your mason jars and tape the line where you would like your glitter to stop. It can be anywhere on the jar, really. Totally up to you.

Next, take your mod podge (matte or gloss) and coat a thin layer onto your mason jar up to the taped line. **It's really important here to make sure the mod podge doesn't get under your tape, lest it mess up your pretty line.

Pour a liberal amount of glitter onto your jar as you twist it in your hand. When your jar is covered, shake the excess glitter off lightly. Do not touch!

Wait an hour or so until the mod podge has totally dried and then carefully pull away at your tape. 

(This is the fate of your fingers if you touch it too soon. Surprisingly difficult to get off.)

See how pretty when it reflects off your glass table? 

And there you have it! The glitter does shed a little bit using this method, but I think it looks beautiful and unfinished without a sealant. After winter break I might try with some clear spraypaint, we'll see! 

Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

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