Sunday, February 10, 2013


For a few years in high school, I experimented with being a vegetarian. It didn't end up working out (it involves a long story including a traumatic band concert and a torturous craving for Publix fried chicken), but ever since I think I appreciate vegetarian cuisine a little better, and tend not to mind if I don't eat meat in every single meal I make for myself.

On Friday, in celebration of the weekend and impending birthday celebrations I made myself this sandwich that was definitely indulgent but not too heavy. My inspiration came from this post over at A Beautiful Mess. It was a delicious and filling lunch!

To cook the portabello mushroom: 

-Take one portabello mushroom cap, wash thoroughly and cut off the stem. Using about a half a cup of red wine let the mushroom soak while heating up a pan with about a tablespoon or two of butter. Drain off the red wine and cook the cap, a few minutes on each side, seasoning with salt and pepper, until it is soft and cooked through. 

Toast a bun, slice cheese and other toppings of your choice (I picked tomato and half an avocado). The mushroom is flavorful enough that you shouldn't even need condiments. Enjoy :)


Tonight is my last big/little reveal, we are getting the best littlest! I am also so excited that our little fam is going to have my big and grandbig join us for pizza and fam jam happiness and bonding. 

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday!

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