Friday, February 15, 2013


On Tuesday, I had another birthday, and thanks to Taylor Swift, many birthday wishes, and sweet gifts from my parents, I didn't feel quite as old as I thought I might.

I woke up early and had a Skype date with my mom and got to see my dad on her phone in Budapest! Technology rocks. The rest of the day was busy, full of class and homework, but I managed to find a few minutes to enjoy the day in between my hectic Tuesday appointments.

Downing Coke Zero floats with my roommate,

Accidentally blowing out my birthday wish...twice. And loving a little carrot cake.

And enjoying very fancy cocktails late on Tuesday with these beauties. 

On Wednesday morning a few friends and I continued a three year tradition of pancakes at Pfunky Griddle, which was just perfect. 

If this birthday was any indication of what the year ahead will be like, it is going to be amazing (and very very busy!). Thanks to everyone who made this day so wonderful despite its busy-ness. Here's to another year!


(PS- I officially cannot wait for spring! Hammock and chacos and Holga camera here we come!)

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