Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This morning was another one of those chilly winter days here (I'm starting to think that the groundhog lied to us). I woke up just in time to fix my hair before I went to Thistle Farms and suddenly realized that it just might be long enough to attempt a fishtail braid again after months of re-growing from its last major cut this summer, and I was right! I love fishtails. They're easy and bohemian and were exactly what I needed today.


Today marks exactly 9 days until spring break and I can't wait to spend it having the ASBest time in Chicago, IL, so I guess the new Chacos I got for my birthday last week will just have to keep on being patient for a little while longer. I know the summer will come soon enough here and I will be pining for cooler days like today.

Here's to contentment and lots of winter love. xoxo 

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