Friday, May 17, 2013


What an insane seven days. Their happenings included two graduations (from college, and from law school), two plane flights, two days in a car, about 50 moving boxes, some broken pottery, two interviews, a networking social, and too many goodbyes.

As someone who craves structure and thrives on new adventures, this time has the potential to be pretty challenging for me. It makes me very grateful for the people and things in my life that I know will always be constant, including a generous family, a loving Brandon, and a good God.

AND REALLY. What is there to complain about when there are hammocks in your immediate future and plenty of time for good books and workouts with your mom?

Here are some awesome things I've been loving over the past week with links to inspire you this weekend:

I've been munchin' on Wasabi Peas from Trader Joes. Currently on a hunt to find a great salad to put these in!

I made this salad both nights when I was in Chapel Hill this week. It was a huge hit! (from Cooking Light)

6 DIYs to try this weekend. Dying over those giant flowers. (from Paper & Stitch)

I made the photo above and so many others this week with the new A Beautiful Mess app! As if I needed another reason to be obsessed with Elsie & Emma. 

Happy Friday!


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