Monday, June 24, 2013



(My typical reaction to Florida humidity.) 

My room at home is on the side of our house that faces our back porch, so there are no windows, but an entire wall is the sliding glass door that accesses it. When I wake up in the morning and the blinds are closed, it is pretty much a cave, and I blame it for the very late wake ups I've been having the past few weeks. In that dark, sleepy cave, I often wake up and think "It's summer! I should go for a swim! I should ride my bike outside! Maybe I'll run to the Y, do some strength training and run home! Six miles is nothing!" Obviously, I am delusional in more than one sense, because as soon as I step out on that back porch...


And then I go and sit in my pajamas and watch Breaking Bad on Netflix for three hours. 

Welcome to my life. 

xoxo. Abby

**P.S.- If you've been counting, you probably realize we are more than 15 weeks into 2013, which means I'm about 9 weeks behind on these posts. I promise to try to not bombard you with a million selfies all at once but I just bought a new tripod so hopefully they will be a little more regular. Thanks for following along with me!

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