Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Fall, Y'all!

Three years when I went home for Thanksgiving during my first semester at Vandy, I got a lot of questions. About how I liked campus, about how things were going, and without fail almost every time I answered, "It's great. They have FALL. REAL FALL." (Floridians know no such luxury.)

I still get that awesome, giddy excitement when the leaves first start to change, pumpkin bagels come to Brueggers, and chai lattes, which I drink year-round, become "seasonal". So this morning I went out and took some shots of this beautiful campus I live on and just reveled in it for a little while, the so-beautiful-it-could-be-on-a-college-brochure beauty. The first two shots are from the view on my balcony. :)

Love this campus. Love fall. Love my life.

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