Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's Sunday! And you know what Sundays are good for...Starbucks! And you know what goes great with your Starbucks? This knitted coffee cozy!

This is a pattern that I did over Thanksgiving break in preparation for all of the delicious holiday Starbucks drinks around Christmas and it has worked out so well. It keeps your hands warm like gloves AND saves the environment from one more cardboard sleeve getting tossed (even if they are recycled originally). But let's not contain this cozy to just one season. After all, warm caffeine is good for New Years Day, Valentine's Day, random frigid days in March...the possibilities are endless.

Note: Because this yarn was so thin (below worsted weight for sure), I only did 30 for casting on. But for normal, worsted weight yarn, follow the pattern below. And if you're a beginner knitter and want to learn about this crazy business of DPNs click here.

Easy Coffee Cozy

Worsted weight yarn
4 Double Pointed Needles (DPNs)
Stitch marker
yarn needle

1. Cast on 35 stitches to three of your double pointed needles evenly (10-10-15)

2. Place stitch marker on first stitch and knit 3 purl 2 continuously in the round until the desired height. (Mine was about 3 and a half inches)

3. Bind off darn in ends with a yarn needle.

Enjoy through these winter months!

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