Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 has certainly been a big one, ladies and gentlemen. It was crazy year, a challenging year, a year of a lot of change and a lot of really big blessings. I love how reflective this time of year can be as I get ready to turn over my calendar, and I feel more ready than ever after a long break to go back to school, kicking butt and taking names. While I certainly can't even begin to mention all of the things that 2012 had for me, here are just a few of the highlights.

-Completing my HOD internship this spring and getting a taste for working full-time. 

- Turning 21!

-Actually going to Rites of Spring this year (long story)

-Going on ASB to Talladega, AL with the best site anyone could ask for

-Memorable MRB3 conversations

-Beach week! (Have those sunburn lines ever really faded?)

-Celebrating Brandon's graduation

-St. Lucia with the Navs

-Tyler and Kelsey's wedding! (and Gleason, TN in general)

-Summertime in Jax with lovely people and cooking amazing things

-Meeting Brandon's great-grandmother

-August in its entirety: cancer scares/2-year anniversaries/moving into new apartment(s)/starting senior year

-UNC White Coat Ceremony and great together moments

-Fall break in DC!

-Clark and Keely's wedding

-Meeting with an amazing woman weekly (Molly Jenkins- you are a rockstar)

-Christmastime in Orlando

-And one of the most important, changing, transforming experiences, working with Thistle Farms

I'm in the process of getting together goals for 2013 and looking forward to the many exciting adventures that the next 365 days are bound to hold, and being grateful for the moments this year where I have been completely showered with God's grace.

Peace and love, see you in 2013!

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