Monday, January 7, 2013


While I am not one much for new year's resolutions, I do relish the opportunities that the new year brings for fresh, new ideas. I love the idea of getting a "fresh start" in different areas of my life, and eating healthy is no exception. Don't get me wrong- I love fruits and veggies anyways, but consistently incorporating them into my busy schedule can sometimes be a challenge to be sure.

About six months ago I found out about this "green smoothie" phenomenon where basically you make a smoothie with all your fruits and yogurts and whatever else you would normally put in there, and then at the end, you add SPINACH. Or kale. Or romaine. Or just really anything green and leafy.

It sounded really gross. I was unimpressed with the idea. But these green smoothies kept getting rave reviews. I even bought a little book on my Kindle where this woman swore by green smoothies for all of these amazing health benefits in her life. And I figure, it's probably really hyped, but far be it from me to be above todays' trends.

And guess what? They are delicious. You can add me to the list of those green smoothie nuts who rave about how "You can't taste the spinach at all!". If it means more iron, more fiber, more good stuff in my diet, STUFF ME SMOOTHIE WITH SPINACH Y'ALL.

(Sorry if that was aggressive.)

The smoothie pictured here is loosely based off of this recipe, although I am experimenting still to figure out what my favorite flavor combinations are. I see a green smoothie weeklong challenge in my future.

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  1. i love you (and miss you) and feel the exact same way about new years! so glad i can creep your blog now (and i suppose you can creep mine too).


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