Saturday, March 30, 2013


Have you recently had the wonderful opportunity to play with an eight week old puppy? It is pure joy, friends. Pure. Joy.

This is Cara. She is an eight week old french bulldog and she now belongs to a close friend of mine. We went to Knoxville for a quick visit to meet her and seal the deal before she comes home in May, and after a long week of various disappointments, it was just what I needed.

They were energetic, nibbly, scampering little pups, and we both wanted to stay forever.

 We said hello, we snuggled, we had our fingers and sweaters and necklaces used as chew toys. The wonderful woman who had the litter answered all of our questions and let us play with them as much as we wanted. And we fell so in love (but really, who wouldn't)!

 And then they fell asleep on us. I have so much puppy fever right now.

Very soon this little one will have a new name and a new home! And as Brandon said so well, I cannot wait to be the best puppy aunt to this little one until we get to have one of our own. 

Peace, love and puppy snores,


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  1. OH what a great day! I love Cara already:) Can't wait to meet her. lbb


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