Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We're getting into that crazy, fast-paced, squeeze-everything-you-can-into-the-last-month of school territory, folks. I keep finding myself saying YES to more things, not wanting to miss out on a single moment and live up what I'm sure I'll look back on as one of the greatest and most confusing times of my life.

So two weekends ago, I took some time away and went home. April has been a hard month for many different reasons, and I wasn't sure, with the way my life is going, when I was going to be home again. So I went, and although it meant missing a Nashville weekend (that are eminently numbered), it was totally worth it.

My mom and I spent Friday having a girl's day doing all of my favorite home-y things: IKEA, Rifle Paper Co, going to the Y, and of course, large quantities of Starbucks. She does such a great job of making me feel so special.

And on Saturday, I got to see my sister! It was her birthday on Friday and she spent it up at school, but Saturday we got together with my brother and sister-in-law and had an amazing family dinner at home. We made steaks and mashed potatoes, in the typical Hardaway tradition, and had just about the best cake ever from our favorite: Publix.

I have a pretty great family, if I do say so myself.

Taking a step back from campus and learning how to deal with all the stuff that was going on in my life was pretty vital, and I had so much fun hanging out with my brother and sisters. Can't wait to see them again soon for graduation!

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