Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Alright, folks. Here's the good stuff. This kid and I had a surprise weekend! Meaning, I was super sneaky and talked to his med school friends online waaaaay back in February and found out which weekends would be good to visit in April and then bought a plane ticket real hush hush and called him three hours before on Thursday night and told him to come get me from the airport.

That's the gist of it anyways :)

On Friday, I had some meetings and ran errands while Brandon was in class, and then that night we went to a carnival put on by UNC med and out to dinner in Carrboro. We decided to be a little fancy and ate at ACME, a first for both of us, and had some of the best butter beans we've ever had with Brandon's fried chicken. I decided, heck, let's do something crazy! And ordered guinea hen. I still am not totally sure what guinea hen is...but I liked it. A lot.

Walking around the area some was really fun, and made me more excited to some exploring with Brandon soon.

On Saturday, we went to go do some work at Straw Valley Cafe, a new favorite study spot for Brandon, a beautifully restored property that was filled with beautiful art and was one of the coolest places to hang out that I have ever been. It's also absurdly close to Brandon's current apartment, and I know that we will be going back here many times in the future. Being in a creative space like that was amazing inspiration for me as I worked on my first (and hopefully last?) visual resume for a job interview that I had on Monday.

The rest of our time that weekend was spent destroying season 4 of Parks & Rec and eating calzones (What beach week diet?). Every time we get opportunities to just hang out together like we did, it gets us more excited for the future, and think back to how we used to take that kind of time for granted at Vandy. It is so sweet, for sure. Oh, we also made a quick trip Sunday night to The Crunkleton. That was awesome.

In other news, classes are officially over, and I am officially an alumni of my sorority. Wut. Post-Rites of Spring they are starting to construct the graduation stage, and it finally started hitting me last night at senior chapter that this is actually happening folks. I am about to graduate from college.

More thoughts on that later. For now, I need to go eat Qdoba and listen to the new Melodores CD on repeat. Happy Tuesday!


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