Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a speckled hat!

Whenever I walk into a yarn store, it's a dangerous thing. Especially when the cold weather is finally maybe sort of starting to show up and I have about a million projects stored in my Ravelry favorites that I want to tackle so bad. This hat is the product of my most recent trip and I am so happy with how it turned out!

I generally used this pattern, although my yarn wasn't quite at worsted weight, so I increased my cast on to 96 stitches instead of 72 to make the gauge right. Even so, it is not quite as slouchy as the pattern, but that is alright with me. The delicate speckles are super cute and the yarn is very soft, so I call this pattern a success! It is definitely a great launching point for a bunch of other projects I'm working on this fall!

Some other modifications I made (in case you were wondering):

-Again, because I wasn't using worsted weight yarn, I also increased the total rows to make the hat big enough for my head. I worked the color chart three times instead of just two.

-With the increase in stitches, my decreasing pattern wasn't exactly the same as the one listed in the pattern. Honestly, I don't think this made a ginormous difference so if you find yourself in the same shoes, don't stress too much about it.

What are you excited to be making this fall? :)



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