Wednesday, November 13, 2013


There's a familiar acronym for crafters everywhere: WIP. It stands for "Works in Progress".

Dear heavens above, there is no closer acronym for how my life feels these days. Silly Abby and her silly, naive thoughts on how this whole wedding process was going to go. Silly me in thinking that I would land my dream job (or at least be on the path to my dream job) right out of my senior year of college. I'm not bitter, I'm just learning.

I find myself at my drafting table a lot, crafting out stress and committing myself to small, measurable goals. It's a good feeling. I knit a baby cardigan this weekend (long story, no one is having a baby). I crocheted a flower. It's therapy.

We are making progress, though! We have a venue (sort of) and a photographer (we think). Things are moving in a good direction. But it is a lot more complicated, and taking a lot longer than this impatient heart thought that it would! It is good learning, and good growing, and I am excited to reflect back on this whole being engaged business and figure out what exactly God was doing during this time.

In the meantime, I'm choosing joy. I'm choosing to see the challenges as opportunities, and the blessings as gifts. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break at home with family and Brandon and sunshine and cranberry sauce. Good things are coming, and are happening right now.



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