Saturday, November 2, 2013

chapel hill, nc: the poster child for fall

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Today was the most perfect of fall days. If from here on out it gets cold and rainy and dark, it will all be ok, because of this one perfect day. 

Within the past three days, Chapel Hill has decided that it is definitely, officially fall. I noticed it driving home from work on Thursday, and had a few minutes where all I wanted to do was turn off the radio and just be in AWE of the colors that were surrounding what had previously been a very long, very uninteresting commute. I called Brandon just to freak out about it, although being from North Carolina, I guess he is used to this kind of seasonal gorgeousness us Floridians can only dream about. 

Days like these are made to be Saturdays. They are days for driving on country highways to yard sales filled with rose chintz and sconces. They are days for kale and bok choy and peppers all over the farmer's market, for the bee guy's bounty. They are days for eating BLTs and crepes outside while the sun warms your face in the almost chilly autumn air. Fall in this state is incredible. 

Days like today make me want to go home and roast something. And then knit something. And then sip on something warm watching old movies. I may have just outlined my plan for the evening. If you need me, I'll be the one snuggling on her couch with the best boy in the world. 


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