Monday, July 8, 2013


Hanging Brandon's apartment, contemplating what to do with my last week of freedom while he is at work. It's really crazy/overwhelming/wonderful to think about all the ways that my life has changed in the past ten days, and how much it will change in the next ten!

Listening to...old school Ingrid Michaelson. That girl never gets old and always puts me in a good mood.

Thinking about...the baked catfish (see above) that I made for dinner a few nights ago. It came out so crispy, and went perfect with the black bean and tomato quinoa salad I made the other night. Recipe planning has all of a sudden become really fun :)

Grateful for...the way that things are coming together at just the right time. I closed on an apartment with my new roommate on Saturday morning, and everything about it is wonderful. It's a good price, a good location, a good size for two girls. Later that afternoon at Target I was looking at the Paula Deen discounted cookware (too soon?) when I came across this whole line of knives that came in the most beautiful, bright colors! Of course I scooped them up right away and Brandon even bought me a santoku knife to round it out (and it is now my new favorite knife of all time).

Looking forward to...continuing to do some work for ABAN, dreaming and Craigslisting for my new apartment constantly, and going out for Indian food tonight!

Happy Monday! xoxo. Abby

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