Sunday, July 21, 2013

the first week!

Oh man, you guys.

So I finished my first week of work this week. And generally right now, life is a little bit more than INSANE. I find myself getting stressed about it a LOT, and I so look forward to the days that I can come home to an apartment complex where they actually give their residents the actual keys to their apartment (no jokes, this happened to me Friday night at 11 PM when I was trying to move all my stuff in), drive a car to work with a decent gas mileage, and I am actually competent enough at my job to be able to fill out alllllll the paperwork. And answer the phone correctly. This skill is harder than you think.

In the meantime though, here's a list of things I'm learning these days:

Apple Maps is not my favorite navigation map of all time. I had to use it a bunch this week to get to different contract sites and I got lost no less than three times. Google Maps is in the testing queue on my phone.

There is a big difference between leaving at 7 AM and leaving at 7:20 AM for the traffic on I-40. As in, leaving twenty minutes later may actually make your commute take 40 more minutes. If you choose the second, there is a real good chance you will be late.

9:30 PM is now an acceptable bedtime (hellooooooo being old).

Brandon is very good in a crisis/when I am way too tired to cook food post-work training. Meaning he is very good at ordering pizza. I will keep him around.

I love my friends.

If you ever need an I-9 form filled out for your future place of employment or need a reference for the tax exemption you should file on your W-2's, I am officially your girl.

If I could have everything in Zooey Deschanel's closet I would have the most wonderful and office appropriate wardrobe ever. I also may be taking fashion tips from the secretaries on Mad Men (Jon Hamm what WHAT).

There are SO many fun things to do in this area and I am so excited to have the sanity to plan trips to do them all.

Jesus is good. I'm learning that a little more every day.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, friends.


Your very sleepy/happy/dopey/grumpy wow why am I a herd of dwarves blogger.

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