Sunday, July 28, 2013

gettin' it back. (the new normal)

How is it Sunday night already? Wasn't it Saturday morning about two seconds ago?

Weekends seem to go really fast when Monday morning comes so early, that's for sure. But you will never hear me complain about my job. I am eternally grateful for it and cherish the people there more than I thought I would after just two weeks of working.

SO MANY things have been going on lately! First, let me apologize for the abismal amount of posting I have been doing recently. It's a long story but my apartment still is internet-less and so every time I want to use the internet I have to go to Starbucks or Brandon's apartment. So please don't think to yourself, "Oh Abby, now that she's working full-time she is forgetting us." False. I miss this little space on the internet and plan to blog as much as I did when I was unemployed (if not more, because now my life is actually interesting). Things have just been a little crazy.

As a snapshot, in the past two weeks I moved into my new apartment, bought a car, traveled out of state for a wedding, and spent all of my work days training to take over my position at work from the girl who has left the position. There have been very very stressful moments in there, and I am so glad to be moving forward. Getting settled. Gettin' back into the groove of a new normal.

Here are some snapshots of my life the past two weeks!

boxes on boxes on boxes

garage sale finds! love this funky journal.

the messy bun is so awesome for weekends when I no longer care about polished hair (18/52)

And finally, some bare bones shots of the apartment! Soooo much decorating will be done soon. My awesome roommate's mom just so happens to work at an antique store so we are going to have all the goodies!

It's hard to tell, but my room is going to be cozy and very dark, so I have a feeling that my drafting table corner is going to be one of my favorite spots in the apartment. 

Here's to settling in and bed in half an hour. :)

xoxo. Abby

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