Sunday, August 4, 2013


Thursday was a very special day.

It marked three years of dating, of loving, of doing life with the best person I know.

Brandon and I met through a friend at school, and I can still remember the very beginnings of our relationship like they happened yesterday. The first time I ever saw him, he was performing at the first ever Melodores concert. The first time we met, I still remember the table in Rand I was sitting at eating tortellini, and what shirt he was wearing that day. We have been reminiscing on a few of those early moments and how sweet they were, which is such a wonderful blessing to think about how much our feelings have deepened since that time.

I try really hard not to glorify our relationship too much. We are both sinners and even now we are still learning new things about each other, and new ways to love each other better. But I think that this is a lifelong process we're walking into and the fights we've had, the transitions we've survived, the time apart and the sweet time together I see as a testament to God's grace that he has allowed us to show each other. No one makes me laugh like this guy does.

He sent me flowers at work and took me out to the most wonderful restaurant in Chapel Hill, Lantern, to celebrate. And for us, it was perfect.

19/52 (because he's my other half)

I know God has some pretty amazing stuff lined up ahead for us. And I'm so excited to share it with this man along the way.

Lots of love from this corner of Chapel Hill,


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