Tuesday, August 13, 2013

that time my parents came to chapel hill.

This weekend my parents and my sister came to visit! My sister is moving back up to school in Tallahassee and my parents thought, "Hey, it's only 8 hours out of the way...". Man. They are awesome. 

It was a really great (and short) weekend that started late Friday night and ended early Sunday morning, with a really fun Saturday in between filled with Indian food, downtown Durham and classic Franklin street walkin' around. They also got to spend some sweet time with the friends that I have made here, and I am so blessed that they got to see a little slice of my life! 

Family time seems sweeter now than ever, and I'm trying to savor it more now that it looks like I'll be sticking around Chapel Hill for at least a few years. It's crazy to really start to realize that this place is my home now. I'll get way less time during the holidays off because of work and so it really is "See you at Thanksgiving" for all my family that lives in Orlando still. This makes me sad sometimes, but it's ok because it also makes me grateful to have a family that I can miss that much. 

Also, this girl's the best. It's probably a good thing that we don't live too close because then both of us would just be so weird, all the time. :)

Big ole blessings,


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