Tuesday, August 13, 2013

watermelon mint juice

Sunday night after my parents left and Brandon was prepping for a busy week of med school, I needed a little pick me up. I had a ton of watermelon in my fridge that my mom had helped me cut up, and I had some mint I had bought that afternoon. The result: a beautiful, beautiful, watermelon-y and minty marriage. Can we talk about why watermelon juice isn't a thing just for a second? I'm dumbfounded.

I had been seeing watermelon drinks all over the internet recently (see here for an amazing example) and had had an AMAZING watermelon and gin cocktail on Brandon and I's anniversary. This was just a simple version of those two, it's almost embarrassing to call a recipe. But it is completely delicious and would also be amazing served at a summer party in a cocktail with gin or maybe tequila.

Serves 1

2.5 cups chopped watermelon
1.5 tbsp chopped mint (this is a pretty strong mint flavor. Start with a leaf or two and add more if you desire!)

Blend watermelon & mint together. If you are worried about the foam separating, strain through a very fine mesh strainer to remove. This time, I chose not to, but I would recommend that if you aren't serving immediately.

This drink feels like summer. And savor summer, because fall is so soon here! (And I can't lie, I'm pretty stoked about it)



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