Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey frandz.

You ever have those moments in your life where a lot of stuff seems to be going wrong? And there seem to be a lot of unanswered prayers in your life, but in the midst of all of those, God is just blessing the snot out of you?

Well that's what happened to me this weekend. Tough week ---> stinkin' blessed.

While I'm not sure I'd ever want to live in Orlando permanently again, this city has its cool places to go (besides the theme parks, duh). One of my frequent haunts in high school was Park Ave CD's. Thursday night, I wasn't really feeling like doing much but my sister dragged me over there to go to a live in-store performance of a band she had heard open for Two Door Cinema Club a while back. And when the band started playing, I was really glad that I got out of the house and went. It was really fun and reminded me of how much I used to be obsessed with indie music (and let's be honest, I still am a little bit). I also scored the new She & Him album while I was there! Yes! As if I couldn't love Zooey Deschanel any more. It sounds like summer in the 1950's, and I love it.

On Saturday when the weather was good, my mom and I went and got Slurpees down the street! I haven't had a Slurpee in for-ever and lemme say, they are more delicious than I remembered. We also stumbled upon a yard sale on the way home and I snagged a boho-inspired skirt and slouchy backpack for -wait for it- $5. Yes folks. I am currently saving for an apartment. And I am winning at it. Saturday was also great because it included some fresh guacamole and snuggles with this munchkin. (Those paws!) 

Sunday was jam-packed and wonderful, thanks to my mom who is really good at keeping my mind off sad things. We woke up ridiculously early and ran a 5k out by New Smyrna Beach. We all wore matching outfits, because we're girls, and the weather was so sunny and beautiful and not too hot. After the race, we packed up and hit the beach! (See above, cute new backpack). And rounded out the afternoon with a tour of the Stetson Mansion. True story, Thomas Edison installed the electricity there in the 1880s. So that's pretty legit. (Also see above, boho skirt.) 

Today the blessings just kept on coming with a mom date to the new Star Trek movie and some lets-actually-dress-like-you're-a-professional shopping and major sales at Loft. Whew. Too good. The little things are really being a place of happiness and of big blessing recently and I could not be more thankful about it. 

Lots of things are still in the works, and I could not be happier to say that I also have accepted a part-time internship with A Ban Against Neglect for the summer! I'll be working mostly from Orlando with some trips to Chapel Hill mixed in, but I have known and loved about this organization since they partnered with Thistle Farms for one of their projects (seen here) and so to be a part of their team is just too cool for words. 

Also also, if you live in Nashville and you have not gotten a chance to go to the brand new Thistle Stop Cafe, you should probably drop everything and go right now (if it's before 2 PM). Then text me about it and make me really jealous, please. 

That was a lot, but I'd love to know how you all spent your Memorial Weekends! And of course, thanks to the men and women who make our country free, and continue to do so every day. 



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