Thursday, October 24, 2013

so now we're getting married!

And so it begins. :)

The past three weeks have been quite the whirlwind. And I first want to say thank you to every friend and person who reached out to say congratulations. I tried to respond to as many as I could, and I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you right away! 

a super sweet bachelorette cupcake from a dear friend :)

I have been so overwhelmed with all of the love and help and just general wonderfulness that has been poured out on us so far in celebrating being engaged and now planning this wedding. It is a time of HUGE transition but all in the best way (although I can totally understand now how being a wedding planner could be a full-time career). I have heard from a bunch of people that the first few months are the most stressful, and then it slows down, and then gets crazy again!

Because I've been spending so much time on Pinterest recently for wedding things, I have also been finally making some of the recipes that I have had pinned for forever. I'll hopefully be sharing some of these very soon! Some have definitely been bigger successes than others.

Life is still moving at a fast pace but I'm excited to keep on sharing this unique time. Please pray for us as we are making big decisions about our big day and are going through lots of personal transitions too!

More later,



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